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Media Messages specialises in creating custom, high quality telephone messages, on hold music, and on hold message productions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. All telephone on hold messages are provided on our complimentary state of the art digital message on hold players.

Businesses are realising the potential for this incrediblely cost effective marketing tool. On hold messages can be used to advertise and upsell current products, inform customers about new and upcoming specials and events, and educate callers about your business.

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Messages on hold and music on hold create a complete business image that extends your corporate profile to all aspects of customer interaction.

To show you just how powerful your own message on hold system can be, we are offering you the chance to try out this revolutionary marketing tool. We will script, record, and mix your very own custom on hold message at absolutely no charge!

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Why On Hold Messages?

Many companies spend thousands on a effective marketing campaign to reach new customers, but forget about their current customers or those already contacting their business. By adding custom on hold messages to your business telephone lines, you create a great first impression and callers will remember it. We also offer IVR prompts to direct callers to the appriate departments, as well as after hours answering machine messages.

Its time to start playing with the big boys, and Media Messages is your tool to achieve that professional image. We service all areas of Australia, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and everwhere in between.

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Media Messages is Melbourne's leading music on hold and on hold message provider. Our on hold audio productions incorperate Australias leading voice over artists and the latest in production music, making your messages on hold more entertaining and fresh. All our packages come with the latest digital on hold systems which are designed to work with all types of phone systems. Get you free on hold message today to see why we are the number 1 provider of music on hold in Melbourne. 
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